The Future of flooring is born. Pavegen is revolutionizing the world of flooring as we know it.

Pavegen has created an innovative flooring tile that generates electricity from footsteps. The tiles are created from vinyl to be easily customizable to any design specification.  So, far Pavegen have powered a football pitch in Brazil and installed tiles at the Paris marathon.

CEO and inventor, Laurence Kimball-Cook explains, “my idea was a floor tile that would convert the kinetic energy from a footstep into electricity. Every time someone steps on the tile, they generate seven watts of power. The energy is stored within batteries, and then used to power lighting when it’s needed. It’s an off-grid power source for cities.”

Every tile is also equipped with a data transmitter to capture wireless information from every footstep which in itself is a new system that will grow with the data-driven smart cities of tomorrow. Could your footfall on the local high-street  be bankable and redeemed against product purchase? That is the future that Pavegen envisions.