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'Commit to Something' Campaign for Equinox Gym

'Commit to Something' Campaign for Equinox Gym

Brand communication is changing so fast, businesses can't keep up. Here, we share our experience on how to create engaging and relevant campaigns in the post-advertising audience age. In 2017 WALK won two Gold IPM Awards for Berghaus' The Get Out Game, one for best use of social media channels and one for best small budget campaign. 


Yep that's right, don't think sales first and foremost; put the consumer first and the product second. Consumers, and I include myself in this, no longer accept being sold to. We want products and services to serve either a need or to be enjoyable, and ideally both. This is why experiential marketing and social media are a match made in heaven. The era of advertising for advertising's sake has well and truly passed.

2. Be authentic. BE RELEVANT

And this brings me on to our second point, if your campaign has no purpose other than to market your product, the end user won't buy into it. Full stop. So, listen to your consumer. Find out what they want and give it to them!

3. Think through-the-line, NOT ABOVE OR BELOW

Campaigns need to be both promotional and advertising-led. To achieve this, in a culture where many businesses are still divided into traditional marketing departments and sales and merchandising teams, ensure every aspect of your brand is connected to the campaign and, more importantly, every team member and stake holder is connected to your campaign! Collaboration is the name of the game.


The decade known as the Twenty-Tens is all about content, so use as many different content formats as exist (or better still create a new one) - article, images, illustrations, films, animated GIFs, cinemagraphs, boomerangs, Instastories, Snapchat and Facebook Live etc. - and disseminated them across all channels. The next big thing is creating campaigns for WhatsApp... so watch this space.

5. TAKE ANOTHER Look at your budgetS

In the past, implementing change meant spending additional money, but one benefit of the advance in digital technology, is that you can produce more quality for less. Instead of blowing 80% of your budget on three key campaigns a year, look at pooling comms budget from across different departments and keeping individual budgets low by working with agencies that can optimise on production and post-production costs (WALK produced The Get Out Game for under £30,000). By working this way, you can create more campaigns a year, which is essential at a time when brands have gone from needing 20 key brand images annually to content 365 days a year.

Berghaus' Black Friday Campaign - The Get Out Game 2017

Berghaus' Black Friday Campaign - The Get Out Game 2017

If you want to know how we reached 2.3million people in The Get Out Game, then please get in touch And don't forget to share the disruptive love... ;-)

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